Don’t Get Fooled While Gold Panning

When you’re panning for gold, a primary concern for newbies is whether the glitter in their pan is genuine gold or fool’s gold. Although fool’s gold mimics gold, it’s not really gold. However, it can sometimes be a precursor to finding real gold and it’s pretty, so it’s not necessarily bad to see pyrite even if it’s not very valuable monetarily. If you’ve ever dreamed of striking the mother lode but you’re not 100% sure what gold looks like in its natural state, this guide is for you.

12 Tips for Improving Communication with Elderly Patients

Hearing loss, cognitive decline and other issues related to the aging process sometimes make it challenging to communicate with elderly patients effectively. Communicating is essential in building a good relationship with your patients, no matter their age. However, it’s imperative to learn suitable techniques to overcome communication challenges if you regularly work with elderly patients. Improve how you communicate and help ensure your elderly patients hear and understand what you’re saying with these 12 tips.

What the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan Could Mean for Nurses

UPDATED 10/5/2022 – After months of deliberation in the White House, nurses may have a new option for seeking debt relief on their student loans. This week, current and former students around the nation celebrated following the announcement that the Biden Administration was going forward with its Student Loan Debt Relief Plan. Although it was a slimmed-down version, the Plan could potentially help millions of student loan borrowers.

How to Successfully Travel Nurse with Family

Travel nursing offers an excellent opportunity for nurses seeking diverse career opportunities and a bigger paycheck while also exploring new places around the country. If you travel nurse with family members, it also provides a chance for everyone to go on an amazing adventure. Whether you’re traveling with a spouse and/or children, or just some four-legged family members, use these tips to make the most of the experience.

2022 State by State Scope of Practice: Physician Assistant

Physician assistants (PAs) are nationally certified, state-licensed advanced practice allied health professionals. As licensed clinicians, they must obtain a license in their state of practice before seeing patients. Before they can earn licensure, PAs undergo rigorous education and training as medical professionals. Once licensed, they may practice in every healthcare setting and specialty. Each state has a PA licensing board and specific laws outlined in its Physician Assistant Practice Act. Because a physician assistant’s scope of practice varies by state, it’s essential that they know and understand the laws governing them in their state(s) of practice.

2022 State by State Scope of Practice: Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are one type of advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). Each state’s Nurse Practice Act usually defines NP/APRN practice, but its Board of Nursing (BON) governs this practice. Other laws and regulations may also impact NP practice. The scope of practice (SOP) of nurse practitioners can significantly vary by state, making it challenging for NPs who work in more than one or move from one to another. NPs who inadvertently practice outside their scope of practice risk disciplinary action by their state BON, endanger their nursing licenses and could face a malpractice suit. To ensure you don’t do anything that might put you in a bad spot, you must know and understand the scope of practice in the state(s) in which they practice.

Horse Illustrated - August 2022

Saddling up and going for a ride typically means riding across open fields or along designated horse trails. Nowadays, it's much less common to see horses and their riders on a leisurely ride along a busy highway. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still occur, and it’s not illegal to do so. It’s essential to know the laws in your area and the general etiquette to safely share the road with motorized vehicles.

Dollars and Sense: Travel Nurse Salaries Explained

Travel nurse salaries are typically higher than average staff salaries, but many factors are involved in getting the most compensation. The different components of pay packages can be very confusing, especially for new travelers, but even veteran travel nurses sometimes have difficulty understanding it all. Companies also tend to structure their pay packages slightly differently, compounding the confusion. Hourly wages, tax-free stipends, housing and permanent tax homes, per diem reimbursements, overtime, extra hours, and blended rates are just some of the many terms you’ll hear and need to comprehend when negotiating your travel nursing pay. The following explanations may help you understand travel nursing salaries better.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Allied Health Travel Jobs

Allied health travel jobs encompass a slew of medical workers in a wide range of fields, from lab and radiology techs to respiratory and occupational therapists, among many others. While you’re probably used to hearing about travel nurses, allied health workers also have the opportunity to travel, and many do. Some of the best allied health careers are also some of the fastest growing, meaning you’ll be an in-demand healthcare professional no matter where you go. If you’ve ever had questions about travel allied health jobs, this comprehensive FAQ is for you.

How to Find High Pay Travel Nursing Jobs

Salaries for travel nursing jobs vary greatly based on location, role, experience, and other factors individual facilities might throw in the mix. However, life just keeps getting more expensive. Rising inflation rates and the looming possibility of a recession drive home the importance of earning the highest salary possible. If your current travel salary doesn’t cover everything you’d like, consider these tips for finding high pay travel nursing jobs to help put more money in the bank.

Managing Your Horses During Drought Conditions

Abnormally hot, dry weather conditions can cause droughts that pose unique challenges for horse owners. Even short-term drought can create a harsh environment that stresses both horses and their pastures. Horses grazing in sparse, drought-stricken pastures can face disastrous results. It’s crucial to be extra attentive to your pastures and your horses during drought conditions. Use these tips to care for your pasture and manage your horses during seasons of drought.

Hunting for Naturally Recycled Sea Glass

With pail in hand and the ocean waves softly undulating and dousing the sand, beachcombers far and wide scour the shores for various curiosities. Seashells, fossils, driftwood and other natural artifacts are commonly sought treasures, but some searchers seek broken bits of glass. No, they’re not on a clean-up the beach crusade. They’re hunting for sea glass. Created by both man and nature, sea glass is one of the ultimate examples of one person’s trash being another person’s treasure.

Best Practices for Recruiting Advanced Practice Professionals

Healthcare professionals of every level remain in high demand, with many health systems scrambling to fill multiple vacancies with qualified clinicians. As the degree of training and expertise required for a role increases, finding advanced practice professionals becomes another challenge to hurdle. Recruiting AP professionals has become a priority for many health systems, with supply much lower than demand. Consider these best practices to find and keep the professionals your health system needs to thrive.

State of Healthcare Workforce 2022

Healthcare workers across the nation have faced an unrelenting foe throughout their battle against the novel coronavirus dubbed COVID-19. From January 20, 2020, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified the first COVID-19 case in the United States, through the end of 2021, medical staff have been repeatedly rocked with multiple waves of infections resulting in hospitals filled to capacity, and sometimes beyond. As 2021 drew to a close and 2022 began with yet another COVID-19 surge, the promised return to normal has yet to fully materialize. Manning the frontlines over the last two years has caused resilient healthcare professionals to question their careers and/or the state of healthcare now and in the future.

Ace pilot earns his final wings

Best known as the Berlin Candy Bomber, retired Air Force Colonel Gail Halvorsen took off on his final flight with his new set of wings on February 16. The beloved pilot gained fame for dropping candy to German children during the Berlin Airlift from 1948 to 1949, but he touched many lives throughout his 101 years on earth. Halvorsen was born on Oct. 10, 1920, and grew up in Utah and Idaho on small farms. Growing up with his face in the dirt and planes flying overhead, he dreamed of one day taking flight himself. Originally appeared in the March 4, 2022 issue of the Miami News-Record
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