Tulsa, OK: Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Healthcare professionals looking for a location where they’re treated like superstars may want to consider Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the prescription for career satisfaction comes with a side of Southern hospitality. As the second largest city in Oklahoma, Tulsa offers excellent opportunities for nurses and allied health professionals. Its thriving healthcare sector and lower-than-average cost of living provide a rewarding place to live and work in the Sooner State. Learn more about this dynamic city before you embark on the next leg of your career journey on the Vivian Health Community Blog.

Oklahoma City, OK: Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Oklahoma City (OKC) beckons to healthcare superheroes with a promising dose of career development and some serious Southern charm. As Oklahoma’s capital, Oklahoma City presents an attractive location to live and work in the Sooner State, with an affordable cost of living that's much lower than other major metros. This vibrant, growing city boasts a thriving healthcare sector with top-notch hospitals, diverse neighborhoods and rich cultural experiences that offer a fulfilling professional and personal life. Whether you’re here for the long haul or just passing through on a temporary contract, OKC has much to offer nurses and allied health professionals looking to enhance their careers while enjoying a high quality of life. Learn more on Vivian Health's Community Blog.

Dallas, Texas – Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Dallas, dubbed the Big D, is part of the Metroplex region of Texas, along with Fort Worth. It’s the third-largest city in the state and among the nation’s fastest-growing cities. in the winter, making it easy to enjoy all the greenspaces and outdoor recreation, such as hiking, biking and communing with nature. Dallas also boasts a thriving art and music scene and hosts a broad array of annual festivals and events.

Miami, Florida Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Miami is the most populous city in Florida and noted for its beautiful beaches, active nightlife, unique food options, diverse culture and varied real estate. But let’s not forget the amazing year-round weather that makes this fabulous city even more enjoyable, no matter the season. While the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area has long been a popular snowbird and retirement destination, healthcare professionals also flock to this fun-filled area for the numerous employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking for staff or travel nursing jobs or allied health careers in a sunny, state-income-tax-free locale, Miami, Florida, might just be the place you seek.

Horse Vaccinations 101

Horse owners often find it challenging to keep up with the latest vaccination recommendations, and some may not grasp their importance in keeping horses healthy and strong. Your horse needs certain “core” vaccines, and may also need non-core vaccines based on his usual activities, geographic location, and other considerations. One of the best measures to protect your horse’s health is a vaccination program. Originally appeared in print in the March 2022 issue of Horse Illustrated.

Healthcare Education Loan Forgiveness: A State-by-State Guide

Healthcare is a lucrative field with many in-demand specialties, but completing the necessary schooling to achieve licensure in nursing and other medical careers often comes with hefty student loans that eat away at your paychecks for years. All 50 states either provide some type of state-level student loan forgiveness program or act as a liaison for national programs. Loan forgiveness programs help nurses and other medical workers combat the debt they took on to enter the healthcare field and help ease the national shortage of nurses and healthcare professionals.

1 Million Clinicians Choose Vivian

Vivian Health’s goal of empowering healthcare professionals to find their perfect jobs faster and easier than ever before has just hit a milestone. We’re proud to announce that we’ve now supported over one MILLION clinicians in their job searches! At Vivian, healthcare workers come first, and we’re honored that more than one million clinicians trust us to help them with their job choices and career advancement. (*Graphics created by Design Team)

Microchipping Your Horse

Having your horse stolen right out of his paddock, get lost during a natural disaster or wander out through a broken fence are some of a horse owner’s worst nightmares. Making a bad situation even worse is locating your missing horse and not being able to prove he’s yours. Learn everything you need to know about microchipping your horse. Originally appeared in print in the November/December 2021 issue of Horse Illustrated.

Understanding 2022 Travel Nursing Tax Rules

Deciphering travel nursing pay and tax rules is one of the most complicated aspects of being a travel nurse or any travel healthcare provider (HCP). Tax homes, tax-free stipends, hourly wages, bonuses, benefits, housing and per diem reimbursements are all vital in understanding your travel nursing pay package and your taxes. With 2022 coming to a close and tax season right around the corner, many travelers have questions that Vivian hopes to answer with some help from a couple of tax professionals.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Rockhounds

The holiday gift-giving season is officially here. If you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift for that friend or family member who lives to hunt rocks, you’re not alone. Knowing what to get a rockhound can be challenging when you have no interest in the hobby. Luckily, gifts related to rockhounding are plentiful, available at various price points and suitable for rock and gem enthusiasts of all ages. Here are several ideas if you haven’t found something special for the rock lover(s) in your life.

Travel Nurse Careers: Is Travel Nursing Right for You?

If you’re passionate about the work you do as a nurse, but your daily routine has become stale, it might be time to consider whether a travel nurse career is right for you. Travel nurses fill in temporarily when hospitals and other healthcare facilities experience staffing shortages for various reasons. They may work in one community for an extended period or move around to different cities or states every few weeks. Travel nursing can be highly lucrative and professionally rewarding, not to mention you get to travel essentially for free, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. We’ll help you answer this question and other frequently asked questions about travel nursing with a little help from an experienced traveler.

Don’t Get Fooled While Gold Panning

When you’re panning for gold, a primary concern for newbies is whether the glitter in their pan is genuine gold or fool’s gold. Although fool’s gold mimics gold, it’s not really gold. However, it can sometimes be a precursor to finding real gold and it’s pretty, so it’s not necessarily bad to see pyrite even if it’s not very valuable monetarily. If you’ve ever dreamed of striking the mother lode but you’re not 100% sure what gold looks like in its natural state, this guide is for you.

What the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan Could Mean for Nurses

UPDATED 10/5/2022 – After months of deliberation in the White House, nurses may have a new option for seeking debt relief on their student loans. This week, current and former students around the nation celebrated following the announcement that the Biden Administration was going forward with its Student Loan Debt Relief Plan. Although it was a slimmed-down version, the Plan could potentially help millions of student loan borrowers.

How to Successfully Travel Nurse with Family

Travel nursing offers an excellent opportunity for nurses seeking diverse career opportunities and a bigger paycheck while also exploring new places around the country. If you travel nurse with family members, it also provides a chance for everyone to go on an amazing adventure. Whether you’re traveling with a spouse and/or children, or just some four-legged family members, use these tips to make the most of the experience.
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