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How to Get a Temporary RN License in Every State

Obtaining a temporary registered nurse (RN) license can be complicated, considering the complexity of the licensure process overall. Nurse licensure can be one of the most nerve-racking parts of your nursing career, often requiring you to fill out numerous forms and obtain several records. Luckily, many states offer new nurse graduates and/or licensed nurses the ability to obtain a temporary RN license to quickly start working while completing a full license application.

Travel Nursing Salary Trends: 2023 Year in Review

Travel jobs provide an exciting opportunity for healthcare professionals to explore different parts of the U.S., often at a pay premium over staff roles. However, clinicians know that travel wages have fallen from their pandemic-era heights, including the highly lucrative travel nursing salary that lured staff nurses to hit the road in years past. Keep reading to learn how travel registered nurse (RN) salaries fared in 2023 and explore Vivian Health’s wage predictions for 2024. Source: Vivia

Vivian Celebrates You During Healthcare Professional Wellness Week: January 7–13

Vivian Health invites healthcare professionals (HCPs) nationwide to prioritize their self-care and well-being during our inaugural Healthcare Professional Wellness Week. From January 7th through 13th, we’re offering live events, exclusive self-care giveaways and discounts, and valuable resources to help support and celebrate HCPs. *Created this hub page to coincide with and complement this campaign*

Dallas, Texas – Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Dallas, dubbed the Big D, is part of the Metroplex region of Texas, along with Fort Worth. It’s the third-largest city in the state and among the nation’s fastest-growing cities. in the winter, making it easy to enjoy all the greenspaces and outdoor recreation, such as hiking, biking and communing with nature. Dallas also boasts a thriving art and music scene and hosts a broad array of annual festivals and events.

10 Great Healthcare Employers in Arlington, Virginia

Arlington, Virginia, is actually an urban county, not a city, but it offers a vibrant location for those seeking staff or or allied health positions. Top health systems and hospitals in Arlington and the surrounding area offer a variety of opportunities for healthcare professionals wanting a place with excellent schools, lots of parks and greenspaces, plenty of attractions and an easy commute to Washington, D.C., to explore the nation’s capital.

Houston, TX: Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Houston is a large metropolis in southeastern Texas and home to 10 winding waterways, earning it the nickname The Bayou City. It’s the most populous city in the state and fourth-most populous in the nation, with nearly 2.3 million residents. Houston’s growing economy, affordable housing, cultural diversity and world-class attractions often lure healthcare workers. It’s also home to the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical campus, with more than 50 healthcare, research and educational institutions providing lots of allied health and RN jobs in Houston. If you’re considering a permanent or temporary move to the Lone Star State, use this location guide to explore what it’s like to live and work in Houston, Texas.

Miami, Florida Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Miami is the most populous city in Florida and noted for its beautiful beaches, active nightlife, unique food options, diverse culture and varied real estate. But let’s not forget the amazing year-round weather that makes this fabulous city even more enjoyable, no matter the season. While the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area has long been a popular snowbird and retirement destination, healthcare professionals also flock to this fun-filled area for the numerous employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking for staff or travel nursing jobs or allied health careers in a sunny, state-income-tax-free locale, Miami, Florida, might just be the place you seek.

The State of Salary Transparency in Healthcare

With pay secrecy slowly becoming a thing of the past across many industries, there seems to be an appetite for greater salary transparency among many Americans. In the last 30 days (as of April 11, 2023), the hashtag #salarytransparency has had 31 million U.S. views on the video platform TikTok and a staggering 437 million views over the last year. An analysis of Google search data shows that U.S. searches for “salary transparency” are up 309% in the last year as market dynamics continue to feed the nation’s appetite for progressive measures in recruitment. (*Content by Vivian Health*)

Celebrate Nurses Week 2023 with Vivian Health

Celebrating All Nurses Across the Nation Vivian celebrates nurses every day, so we’re especially excited to honor these devoted professionals during National Nurses Week, May 6 – 12. Each day, we’ll be adding something new to show our appreciation for the work nurses do. Check back often and share the celebration with your colleagues! *2023 Nurses Week Campaign / Updated this blog page daily as events unfolded*

Healthcare Education Loan Forgiveness: A State-by-State Guide

Healthcare is a lucrative field with many in-demand specialties, but completing the necessary schooling to achieve licensure in nursing and other medical careers often comes with hefty student loans that eat away at your paychecks for years. All 50 states either provide some type of state-level student loan forgiveness program or act as a liaison for national programs. Loan forgiveness programs help nurses and other medical workers combat the debt they took on to enter the healthcare field and help ease the national shortage of nurses and healthcare professionals.

1 Million Clinicians Choose Vivian

Vivian Health’s goal of empowering healthcare professionals to find their perfect jobs faster and easier than ever before has just hit a milestone. We’re proud to announce that we’ve now supported over one MILLION clinicians in their job searches! At Vivian, healthcare workers come first, and we’re honored that more than one million clinicians trust us to help them with their job choices and career advancement. (*Graphics created by Design Team)

Chicago, Illinois: Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Most people living in Illinois reside in the north, primarily in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, which make up the Chicago metro dubbed Chicagoland. Chicago is the largest city in the state and the third-largest city nationwide but still manages to maintain its Midwestern friendliness. Situated along the shores of Lake Michigan and claiming nearly 2.7 million residents in July 2021, the Windy City offers a little something for everyone. Registered nurses and allied health workers seeking an action-packed, cosmopolitan atmosphere and foodie mecca find that and more in Chicago.

Washington, D.C.: Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Besides government-driven agendas, the nation’s capital is a beautiful city featuring impressive architecture and spectacular scenery enhanced by four distinct seasons. Washington, D.C., can be an exciting place to live and work, with tons of iconic historical attractions, renowned museums and unique cafes, boutiques, farmer’s markets and other shopping and dining venues. It also boasts a thriving nightlife and a fantastic variety of art, cultural, food and music festivals every year. While the largest employers in Washington, D.C., are government entities (obviously), healthcare employers are also plentiful. Nurses and allied health professionals working in Washington, D.C., find much to love about this compact city on the Potomac River.

Med-Surg Nurse Salary Guide

Medical-surgical nursing, or med-surg for short, is one of the most demanding nursing specialties and requires an extensive skill set and nursing knowledge. Med-surg nurses make up the largest group of practicing nurses. As such, they typically earn a competitive wage but less than registered nurses (RN) working in certain specialties. In this guide, we explore med-surg nursing salaries for staff and travel nurse roles, salaries by location, various factors that can impact med-surg nursing pay and how med-surg salaries compare to other nursing specialties based on Vivian’s salary data during the last week of 2022.

Virginia: Healthcare Employment Location Guide

From mountains to shores, Virginia is a breathtaking state with unbeatable southern hospitality, named the 7th best state to live in nationwide by U.S. News & World Report in 2021. As one of the original 13 colonies, Old Dominion has a long and storied history. Tributes to the past can be found throughout the state, including Arlington National Cemetery, the United States Marine Corps War Memorial, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial and historic homes that were the birthplaces of eight former Presidents. Virginia also teems with natural beauty, including 1,000s of miles of coastline, four major rivers flowing into the Chesapeake Bay, 217 miles of the Blue Ridge Mountains and 555 miles of the Appalachians. Whether you’re a history buff or nature enthusiast, nurses and allied health professionals find lots to love about working in healthcare in Virginia.

Illinois: Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Known as the Prairie State or the Land of Lincoln, Illinois has four distinct seasons and a landscape marked by farmland, rolling hills, wetlands, forests and waterways, including Lake Michigan in the north and Shawnee National Forest in the south. With everything from big bustling cities to charming small towns, this Midwestern state boasts a broad economic base and a wide array of attractions and fun things to do and see, including 309 state parks and recreational sites, numerous museums and cultural institutions, botanic gardens, theme parks, snow and water skiing, hiking and biking, shopping venues and a piece of the historic Route 66. Illinois is also a foodie’s paradise with cuisine from around the world and the self-proclaimed best hot dogs and deep-dish pizza in the nation. These are just a few things that registered nurses in Illinois love about this great state.

Texas: Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Texas is famous for its BBQ, longhorn steers, iconic live music events, scorching summers with pleasant winters (in most parts of the state) and massive size. The state’s famous slogan – Everything is Bigger in Texas – applies to lots of things, including healthcare job opportunities. Nurses and other medical professionals are in high demand and have loads of job options at top medical facilities throughout The Lone Star State. With so many nursing jobs and allied health jobs available in Texas, it might be overwhelming to try and balance employment options with personal desires when trying to choose the ideal place to live. This guide gives you a starting place in the great big State of Texas.
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