Almostly Murder ... with Pets

Almostly Murder … With Pets was the first collaborative anthology of short stories and poetry created by a group of Oklahoma writers dubbed “The Cozy Crime Writers.” As part of this talented group of wonderful writers, Moira contributed her quirky short story titled “Old Mack Donald’s Ghost.” To fulfill the theme requirement that the story include at least one pet, her story featured a pair of stunning white emus and a crazy parrot who was obsessed with police lingo and yanks out his own feathers when stressed. Also featured are three of Moira's poems titled, “Clandestine Meeting,” “Conversation with a Corpse” and “Murderous Intent.”

Published November 2002 by Padlock Mystery Press.
Available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Remindful Murder with Colorful Kin

Remindful Murder with Colorful Kin was the second installment of the “Cozy Crime Writers” collaboration. Moira contributed another hair-raising short story titled "Story Hour." To fulfill the theme requirement that the story include "colorful" kin, an eccentric aunt who may/may not be deceased and/or haunting the library provides a spooky undertone. Previously, a shorter version of this story (sans the aunt) won 1st Place in the Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy Story Category at the 2003 Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. (OWFI) Annual Writing Competition.

Several pieces of Moira's poetry were also featured in the anthology, including “The Nightmare,” “Night Howler,” “Bespectacled Old Maid,” “Alcoholic Redneck,” “Bingo Queen,” “Worldly Grandma,” “Tattooed Artist” and “Humorous Co-Worker.” She was also honored when asked by her fellow writers to serve as the editor for the anthology.

Published December 2008 by Padlock Mystery Press.
Available on Amazon (Currently Sold Out & Unavailable)

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