The Mobility Forum: The Journal of the Air Mobility Command (Writing as Moira K. Wiley)

The Heat Is On

Pages 20 - 22 / With summer in the air, it's time for a season full of fun in the sun. While many Americans head outdoors to enjoy a variety of activates such as camping, grilling, swimming, cycling, gardening or beach combing, intense heat, compounded by stifling humidity could pose potentially life-threatening consequences. Many states, especially those in the south, experience extremely high temperatures during the summer each year. Some may even experience record high heat waves that could pose an even greater threat to human life. This threat comes in many packages, including sunburn, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

In Harm's Way - Three Tanker Pilots and Their Moments of Truth

Pages 1 - 4 / Ninety-nine percent of our careers are devoted to training safely...building up to that single moment when every skill, training exercise and decision-making muscle is put to the test. Three tanker pilots from the 384th Air Refueling Squadron at McConnell AFB, Kansas, have each experienced that moment of truth in which teamwork, training and courage paid off. Here are their stories.

Standardizing Spotting Signals

Pages 21 & 22 / The Air Mobility Command has taken a big step forward in standardizing spotter signals. A new guide, titled “HQ AMC Spotter Training Guide," has been produced to help train members in what should be the proper spotter signals to use in every situation. The purpose is to make sure everyone is using the same signals nationwide, so that ground mishaps can be avoided. The guide had a considerable amount of input during its development and will provide a standard for signals, which may someday encompass every branch of the military.

5th Annual AFRC CRM Conference / Conference Highlights

Pages 23 - 28 / The 5th annual Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Crew Resource Management (CRM) Conference was held July 25th and 26th at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois and drew attendees from various units around the country. Maj Jeff Swanson was the conference sponsor and Charles D. Russell with Crew Training International, Inc (CTI) produced the conference. The speakers included representatives from the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines, the FAA, FedEx, and private airlines.

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