MSN Motivation: Top 5 Perks of Earning an Advanced Degree

Depending on where you want to go in your nursing career, earning your master’s degree may be crucial in moving forward and meeting your future goals. A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is a graduate degree that can help nurses further develop their clinical skills and specialize in a specific area of nursing. Obtaining a higher level of education isn’t required to pursue a worthwhile and enjoyable nursing career, but it usually comes with several attractive benefits. However, going back to school is a big commitment. Here are five perks of earning your MSN to help assure you that your time, money, and effort will be well spent.

Texas, "The Lone Star" State: Location Guide

Texas is famous for its BBQ, longhorn steers, iconic live music events, scorching summers with pleasant winters (in most parts of the state), and massive size. The state’s famous slogan – “Everything is Bigger in Texas” – applies to lots of things, including healthcare job opportunities. Nurses and other medical professionals are in high demand and have loads of job options at top medical facilities throughout the Lone Star State. With so many nursing jobs and allied health jobs in Texas, it might be difficult to balance employment options with personal desires when trying to choose the ideal place to live. This guide gives you a starting place in the great big State of Texas.

5 Best Websites for Travel Nurse Housing

Where you’re going to live during a travel assignment is a crucial factor in whether you accept a job. Due to the short-term nature of travel nursing, finding suitable travel nurse housing can be challenging but not impossible. Whether you’re a new travel nurse or a seasoned pro, you want to feel comfortable in your temporary digs. After all, it’s where you’re going to lay your head after a long shift and call home for the next several weeks. Finding the ideal temporary home in the right location at the right price may be easier after visiting these top websites for travel nurse housing.

Top 5 Ways to Find Travel Nurse Housing

Short-term housing is one of the many important things you’ll learn about when you first get started with travel nursing because where you’re going to live from job to job and cost of living are a top concerns. Many nurses who’ve been traveling a while will tell you that housing can make or break an assignment. Finding furnished travel nurse housing can be challenging and a lack of housing options can ruin a great assignment in a great location. Luckily, several resources out there make finding travel nurse housing a little easier.

5 Best Career Paths for Nurses

Registered nurses have many different career path options to achieve their nursing career goals. The wide array of career options for RNs offers the flexibility and variety that many nurses find refreshing, while others find it overwhelming. By better understanding the responsibilities involved in various nursing roles and asking yourself some important questions, you can make career path decisions that best align with your current or future aspirations.

How Do I Move From Nurse to Nursing Leadership?

Transitioning from bedside nursing to nursing leadership starts with supplementing your education and experience. Before you tackle these requirements, be sure it’s a position you really want to take on. Nurse leaders have extensive roles that require much more than telling other nurses what to do and differ from nursing house supervisors, whose role is primarily administrative and doesn’t require advanced education. While each hospital has its own qualifications for RNs wanting to transition to nurse leaders, certain steps are generally standard.

RN or PA: How to Choose the Profession for You

Finding the right healthcare career often hinges on factors like educational requirements, job duties and salary. Two popular options are registered nurses (RN) and physician assistants (PA). The RN vs PA question often arises because both choices provide the opportunity to make a difference through direct patient care. However, PAs are technically more like physicians than nurses so there are distinct differences in education and job functions. The role an RN or PA plays is vital to patient outcomes, so compare the requirements of both options to help you make the right career decision for you.

Get Hired With a Great New Graduate Nurse Resumes

Getting the nursing job you really want hinges on standing out among all the other applicants. Snagging a hiring manager’s attention can be doubly difficult as a new graduate nurses just entering the field. When you’re a new grad without any work experience looking for your first nursing job, play to your strengths. It’s vital to list your education, clinical experience, and certifications in a way that gets you noticed. Optionally, you can also list your professional affiliations, awards and honors, volunteer activities, and work experience. A well-crafted resume with all the key elements impacts overall effectiveness and it can help you land an interview that could lead to your first nursing job.

What are Nurse Licensure Compact States?

The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact began on January 19, 2018, but most nurses simply refer to it as the NLC, or “the compact.” The NLC allows registered nurses and licensed practical nurses/licensed vocational nurses to apply for one multistate license in their home state and practice in person or via telehealth in any state that’s part of the Compact. As of November 2021, a total of 38 states or U.S. territories have implemented legislation to join the eNLC and more than 2 million nurses live in Compact states.

Nursing Shortages: A State-by-State Breakdown

Nursing shortages have been the norm for decades with shortages occurring when demand outweighs supply. However, severe shortages in nursing staff are reportedly going to worsen much sooner than expected in some states. The blame for more intense shortages may be at least partially due to the strain of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to a much lesser degree, resignations and terminations brought about by vaccination mandates. COVID-19 put further strain on frontline workers, especially nurses, pushing some to the breaking point. According to an in-depth report on healthcare labor markets, severe nursing staff shortages are projected in some states as soon as 2026. Surprisingly, some states won’t feel the bite and it can benefit your career to know which is which.

What You Should Know About Vaccine Mandates

Healthcare facilities around the nation have mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for their staff while others just strongly recommend it. However, many states have jumped into the fray and taken the decision out of the hands of the facilities by announcing statewide mandates. While some state mandates impact all healthcare workers, others only affect those in state-operated facilities. Mandates that create a “vaccinate or terminate” situation could further exacerbate the nursing and healthcare staff shortages many facilities continually battle with. Hospitals in states where the deadlines for getting vaccinated have come and gone have already lost some staff members either due to resignation or termination. While rules, regulations, laws and governor orders can change, as of mid-October 2021, 21 states and the District of Columbia had issued some type of COVID-19 vaccine mandate that impacted some or all healthcare workers.

How to Evaluate a New Healthcare Staff Job

With ongoing healthcare staff shortages, especially among nurses, there are lots of staff jobs available right now. Whether you’re a recent nursing school graduate or an established healthcare professional contemplating a career change, it’s crucial to evaluate each job offer to ensure the position is the right fit for you and your career goals. When you receive a staff job offer, take your time reviewing and evaluating the various components based on what’s most important to you. It’s also smart to step back to fully understand what’s being offered, how it measures up to your expectations, and whether the offer provides a fair deal. Use these tips to evaluate a new healthcare staff job to confidently make a sound decision about the position.

How to Evaluate a Healthcare Travel Contract

Staffing shortages have long plagued the healthcare industry in all types of facilities and within all specialties. Whether you’re a registered nurse or an allied health professional, facilities around the nation depend on travel healthcare workers to fill the gaps while they attempt to recruit and train permanent staff. While this provides you with plenty of job opportunities, it’s vital to evaluate each new healthcare travel contract to ensure you’re getting the best deal and the position matches your preferences.

What hospitals are mandating COVID vaccines for staff?

Administrators at hospitals around the nation are issuing mandates for COVID-19 vaccines to their entire workforce in light of spiking cases primarily due to the Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy among their staff. Many facilities also cite that enforcing vaccination across their facilities helps protect their staff, who’ve borne the brunt of the pandemic, and their patients and facility visitors. While these healthcare facilities have always encouraged their staff members to get vaccinated, some going so far as offering incentives to do so, many now feel they must require the shots as a condition of employment to ensure facility-wide compliance and protection against the virus. The number of facilities requiring vaccinations is rapidly growing and those who are hesitant to draw the hardline won’t have a choice when the federal government steps in. -- View the entire list on Vivian Health --

Top 5 Highest Paying Staff RN Locations

Nurses make up the largest group of healthcare professionals nationwide, but there’s still not enough of them to go around. This is good news for staff nurses looking for a change of scenery because they’ll have numerous job location options. While some states pay higher salaries than others, it’s important to consider whether it’s a livable wage. A higher wage won’t matter if it isn’t consistent with the region’s cost of living. Personal preferences are also factors in determining whether a position is in a desirable location. Consider these top 10 states with the highest paying permanent RN positions available on Vivian Health during the first week of August 2021.

Top Facilities Supporting Nurses’ Mental Health

Stressful work environments and neglecting self-care can swiftly lead to nurse burnout and other mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, and compassion fatigue. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fueled by the Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy, has exacerbated nurse burnout rates and put nurses at higher risk for acute stress disorder, PTSD, and other mental health issues. It’s important now more than ever that nurses have the support they need from their healthcare facilities during this unprecedented time of stress. There are numerous offerings a hospital can provide their staff to help improve mental health. If you’re a nurse, here are a few things to look for in a healthcare facility.

Top 10 Highest Paying APRN Specialities

Registered nurses who’ve become comfortable in their healthcare roles often continue their education and specialize in specific nursing fields. There are currently over 100 RN specialties and some of the most lucrative options require a Master of Science in Nursing or higher. RNs with advanced education and experience are collectively called advanced practice registered nurses. APRN specialties typically provide much higher salaries, which appeals to nurses with financial growth as one of their primary objectives. While personal passions should also come into play when choosing an area of specialization, these APRN specialties are among the top 10 highest-paid positions in the field.

Delta Variant and ICU Nurse Demands

COVID-19 numbers are on the rise again, largely fueled by the Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy, and ICUs across the nation are filling up fast. Many healthcare systems are still recovering from previous surges, but ICU nurses are bracing themselves for yet another spike in COVID-19 patients and wondering whether the pandemic will ever end. ICU nurses are superheroes, but even superheroes can get tired when fighting a seemingly ceaseless battle without the proper support.

Top 10 Highest Paying RN Specialties

Registered nurses with an associate degree in nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can explore new career paths with potentially higher salaries by specializing in a niche. The nursing field is constantly evolving, so more than 100 RN specialties are currently available, and many only require an ADN or BSN. Every specialty has unique attributes, so RNs should combine their career goals and personal passions to find the one that’s right for them. If financial growth is a primary objective, some RN specialties pay more than others. Although salaries can greatly vary based on education, experience, facility, and location, these nursing specialties are typically among the top 10 highest-paid positions for bedside nurses.

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Boosting Advanced Practice Onboarding & Orientation

Finding the advanced practice professionals your facility needs begins with recruitment. The onboarding and orientation process is a vital step between recruitment and retention. Some healthcare institutions have formalized onboarding models with detailed phases and activities critical to helping new hires successfully transition to their advanced practice roles. Others have very little, if anything, in place to make this transition smoother.

5 Myths of Home Health

Home health nurses work one-on-one with patients outside a medical setting, in the comfort of the patients’ homes. They still tackle many of the same duties as nurses in traditional healthcare settings, with the added perks of having greater autonomy, schedule flexibility and closer relationships with their patients. There are several perks in home health nursing and probably just as many myths. Nurses frequently have an outdated misconception about home health, so we’re debunking five of the most common myths about this segment of the healthcare industry.

May 2022 Travel Wage Trends by State

Healthcare wages, especially compensation among travel nurses, remain among the most talked-about topics in the medical field. During the COVID-19 pandemic and amid staffing shortages that worsened as the coronavirus spread, mutated, and spread again and again, travel nurses’ pay doubled, sometimes tripled. As the pandemic begins to wind down, for now at least, travel nurses and other traveling healthcare workers who’ve pitched in wherever facilities needed them nationwide are feeling the pinch of declining wages.

Best Practices for Recruiting Advanced Practice Professionals

Healthcare professionals of every level remain in high demand, with many health systems scrambling to fill multiple vacancies with qualified clinicians. As the degree of training and expertise required for a role increases, finding advanced practice professionals becomes another challenge to hurdle. Recruiting AP professionals has become a priority for many health systems, with supply much lower than demand. Consider these best practices to find and keep the professionals your health system needs to thrive.

Houston Perm Wage Trends

The significant spikes and dips in healthcare wages seen in early to mid-2021 didn’t plague Houston towards the end of the year, likely due to COVID-19 cases finally leveling off. Between September and December 2021, Houston healthcare wages remained essentially unchanged. The city had an average weekly pay rate of $1,758 in September compared to $1,764 in December, a difference of only about 0.35%. However, this steady trend in Houston wages changed in January when a tremendous surge in COVID-19 cases hit the Greater Houston area and the entire Lonestar State. Houston healthcare wages during the first quarter of 2022 experienced a lot more movement compared to the close of 2021.

April 2022 Travel Wage Trends

After nearly two months of declining COVID-19 cases and relaxed vigilance, numbers have begun to rise again in almost every area of the country as April 2022 drew to a close. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that more than half of all new coronavirus cases in the United States were likely attributed to the BA.2 subvariant of Omicron, also known as the “stealth” variant. Health officials considered the highly contagious original Omicron variant responsible for the widespread surge in cases that peaked in January 2022 when 43 states reported increases in healthcare wages.

State of Healthcare Workforce 2022

Healthcare workers across the nation have faced an unrelenting foe throughout their battle against the novel coronavirus dubbed COVID-19. From January 20, 2020, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified the first COVID-19 case in the United States, through the end of 2021, medical staff have been repeatedly rocked with multiple waves of infections resulting in hospitals filled to capacity, and sometimes beyond. As 2021 drew to a close and 2022 began with yet another COVID-19 surge, the promised return to normal has yet to fully materialize. Manning the frontlines over the last two years has caused resilient healthcare professionals to question their careers and/or the state of healthcare now and in the future.

State of the Healthcare Workforce: Florida

Travel nurses were in high demand throughout 2021 as COVID-19 cases rose throughout the country, including nurses in Florida. While their assistance helped healthcare facilities in a pinch, Miami healthcare facilities and facilities throughout the state and nation need to fill permanent nursing positions to help curb their ongoing staffing shortages. While there are many pros of taking permanent staff nursing jobs, numerous travel nurses aren’t ready to make the switch and become perm nurses in Miami or elsewhere.

Perm Wage Trends in Miami

Healthcare wages across Florida saw a lot of ups and downs throughout 2021, especially for nurses. Florida’s fluctuating wage trends were reflected in Miami, the second-most populated city in the state. Like the rest of the country, Miami nurse wages were often influenced by surging and waning COVID-19 cases. Compensation is the highest factor impacting many nurses’ decision to either stay in their current job or move to greener pastures. Combined with the added stress of the ongoing health crisis, it may not be a surprise that many nurses are considering leaving the field altogether. Finding the right employer may help mitigate factors causing workers to leave nursing. Permanent nursing jobs in Miami are on the rise and there are some great Miami employers in the healthcare field.

March 2022 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

After a major spike in COVID-19 cases about mid-January, cases have steadily dropped across the nation. The daily average number of cases on the first day of March was 58,503, which had fallen to 27,845 by the last day of the month. This new average is exceptionally mild compared to the high of 805,062 average daily cases recorded on January 15. The extreme drop in cases may have prompted March’s consistent decline in healthcare wages. March marked the first time since February 2021 that all 50 states reported a drop in healthcare pay rates. The uniform decrease was vastly different from September 2021, when all 50 states recorded an increase in healthcare wages, but further confirms the usual trend of wages mimicking COVID case counts.

February 2022 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

After more than two years on the frontline combating COVID-19 and entering what was shaping up to be the third year battling the pandemic, cases finally began to wane in February. By about mid-month, a 71% drop in cases had been recorded over the previous three weeks putting the daily case average nationwide at the lowest point since Christmas. As February faded and the nation entered March, virus activity continued to fall with case reports reaching the lowest levels since the summer of 2021. Covid-related hospitalizations had also fallen by more than two-thirds from the January peak and nearly every state continued to see significant drops in daily cases. However, with COVID cases dropping, it provided an opportunity to seek treatments that some had put off due to the pandemic. Increases in non-COVID patients added to capacity issues, keeping hospitals hopping but healthcare pay rates were on the decline.

Radical Recruiting Series: Focus on Mobile & Advanced Technology

Continued staffing shortages in nurses and other clinicians prompt the need for some radical healthcare recruitment strategies in 2022. Hospitals and health systems must embrace forward-thinking in their healthcare recruiting techniques if they hope to hire and retain the best talent now and in the future. In parts one and two of Vivian Health’s Radical Recruiting Series, employers learned the benefits of pay transparency and optimal ways to leverage social media. This final installment focuses on mobile and advanced technology and how healthcare employers can use them to enhance their healthcare recruiting efforts and boost their talent acquisition and retention.

Radical Recruiting Series: Optimal Ways to Leverage Social Media

Proactive healthcare recruiting requires you to build a qualified pool of candidates to quickly fill essential roles within healthcare facilities. However, ongoing shortages in medical staff make this task harder than ever. In Vivian Health’s 2021 State of Healthcare Report, 86% of respondents said, on average, their healthcare facilities were still short-staffed. Shortages in healthcare workers continue to rise with employment in healthcare occupations expected to grow another 16% between 2020 and 2030, adding about 2.6 million new jobs. Healthcare recruitment trends in 2022 must adopt some radical healthcare recruitment strategies to succeed in filling current vacancies and new positions. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging social media.

Radical Recruiting Series: Benefits of Pay Transparency

With so many healthcare workers seeking new opportunities, healthcare recruitment trends in 2022 indicate that employers must explore new ways of attracting clinical candidates or lose job seekers to their competitors. Healthcare worker shortages continue to rise, so it continues to be a job seekers market and they’re demanding better pay and more transparency. Healthcare recruiting among hospitals and health systems must employ some radical healthcare recruitment strategies if they hope to hire and retain the best talent. It all begins with pay transparency.

What is the best way to source candidates?

The healthcare industry continues to be challenged by widespread shortages in talent, which is only expected to get worse. These challenges are continuously felt in healthcare recruiting and recruiters are always looking for the best ways to source candidates to fill the gaps. Job boards and referrals have traditionally been and continue to be some of the best tools for sourcing candidates. Other sources don’t seem to be as effective in the recruitment process. The demand to build a satisfactory candidate pool can be met with Vivian Health in your corner.

January 2022 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

As the new year dawned, hospitals nationwide were still grappling with widespread burnout, increasing turnover rates, and severe staffing shortages almost two years after the pandemic was officially declared. About 25% of hospitals that report their data to the Department of Health and Human Services stated they were facing critical staffing shortages in early January. The continued pressure caused by these labor strains came when hospitals were busier than ever.

2021 Healthcare Wage Trends Year-End Review

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has severely exacerbated preexisting shortages in the healthcare workforce. Many nurses and other healthcare professionals have cited burnout as the reason they’re leaving or considering leaving the profession. In an attempt to lure more nurses to short-staffed facilities and replace those out sick with or who succumbed to the virus themselves, some states increased healthcare pay rates during certain months in 2021. As COVID cases waned, many states dropped wages, so trends in healthcare wages resembled a roller coaster ride throughout the year.

December 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

As 2021 wound down, healthcare wage trends for nurses across the nation increased in just under half the states and most increases were less than 3%. Wages decreased in 15 states and stayed relatively unchanged in 11 more. However, any decrease may be short-lived as hospitals once again began filling up with COVID patients as December progressed. The latest spike may have been largely due to the emerging Omicron variant, which first appeared in the U.S. on December 1 and spread as rapidly as experts predicted. While the new variant appears to produce milder symptoms than its predecessors, the sheer contagiousness of the variant still meant greater numbers of people becoming ill, potentially needing medical care, and filling up hospital beds. Healthcare wage trends tend to follow demand fueled by COVID cases, so wages among nurses could increase in the new year.

November 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

November brought the unfortunate discovery that a new variant of COVID-19 was now in the United States. Omicron is the latest threat from a virus that has been stretching the healthcare industry to the ultimate limits, often causing healthcare facilities to be filled beyond capacity and staff to be overwhelmed. The first known Omicron case was discovered about mid-November, but the fast-spreading variant had already been detected in 19 states by the beginning of December and the number was expected to rise. Adding to the mix was the holiday season when people across the nation travel more to be with family and participate in larger, primarily indoor get-togethers that increase the risk of spreading the virus. Healthcare wage trends usually follow demand and higher COVID cases often fuel this demand. However, ongoing increases in healthcare pay rates are shrinking despite these latest concerns.

October 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

After booster shots began rolling out in September, COVID-19 cases saw a decline in October, potentially factoring into healthcare wage trends for the month. At the beginning of October, the seven-day average of COVID cases nationwide was 109,200 compared to the month ending average of 71,686. The number of newly reported cases was 125,776 on October 1 compared to just 18,883 on October 31. However, certain areas of the country may have still been experiencing overcrowded hospitals that impacted the supply and demand of nurses and the current healthcare wages of these vital healthcare workers. Consider COVID case numbers when comparing healthcare wage trends in all 50 states for nurses in October.
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Nurse Mentor: Why You Need One and How to Make it Happen

Collaborating with a nurse mentor can be a valuable tool in your career development. Nursing mentorship brings together a more experienced nurse who acts as a guide and role model with a less experienced nurse looking for daily guidance and help with important career decisions. Although it’s common to look for a nurse mentor when you’re new to nursing, even seasoned pros can benefit from the relationship of a nursing mentorship. Consider all the reasons why you need a nurse mentor, and determine your mentorship goals to find the ideal nursing professional to fill the role.

What You Need to Know About Renewing Your Nursing License

Nurses are the second largest group of licensed professionals in the country. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the purpose of a nursing license is to set minimum qualifications and competencies for entry-level nurses in order to protect the public from harm. Before you can practice nursing, you must earn a license issued by the Board of Nursing (BON) in your home state by passing the NCLEX-RN licensing exam and fulfilling any other requirements set forth by the state. Once you earn your license, you must also meet certain requirements for RN license renewal. Here are some important things you should know about renewing your nursing license to ensure you meet these requirements.

Pros and Cons of Emergency Room Nursing

Emergency departments are fast-paced, stressful work environments. Medical staff members are often unfamiliar with each other’s skills and work styles, but everyone must quickly learn to work together to ensure the best patient outcomes. Decisions must be made at lightning speed, often with limited information about the patient. During hectic emergency room nursing shifts, you might also experience limited support with an unpredictable patient load. On the flip side, being an emergency room nurse can be quite rewarding and an excellent learning experience. If you think you’d thrive in ER nursing, learn more about the pros and cons of the working environment to decide whether it’s right for you.

5 Locations for Travel Nurses Who Love the Outdoors

Nurses make up the largest group of healthcare professionals in the nation, with nearly 3 million nursing professionals across the country. Despite the large numbers of nursing professionals, there’s still a severe shortage of skilled nurses, and this demand means plenty of opportunities in all kinds of locations. Travel nurses who prefer spending their days off enjoying the great outdoors have plenty of options in fun-filled cities around the United States.

The 411 on Nursing School Debt Forgiveness Programs

When your career goal is to become a nurse, your first step is nursing school where you’ll complete an accredited registered nurse program. Many students lack the funds to pay for their higher education and count on financial assistance to help cover the cost. Nursing school is an investment in your future, so it’s important to evaluate the many types of financial aid for nurses to find what works for you and your unique situation. Get the 411 on the abundant resources available that make paying your way through nursing school more affordable.

5 Tips for Juggling Night Shift Nursing and Parenthood

Night shift nursing schedules can really disrupt your daily routine, not to mention your sleep cycle, social life and home/work balance. Juggling your nursing night shifts and being a parent can be even more challenging, especially when you’re a new mom. Getting sufficient sleep is vital to your health, and learning to adapt to a different sleep schedule is one of the hardest obstacles a night shift nurse must overcome. When you’re struggling, these five tips may be just what the doctor ordered.

5 Reasons Men Should Consider a Career in Nursing

Nursing has traditionally been a female-dominated field, but male nurses are slowly entering the workforce. The notion that caregiving is a job only for women is outdated, but a stigma persists about men who pursue a nursing career. Some of the biggest pet peeves of male nurses are stereotypes and the assumptions that they're either gay or medical school dropouts. Although a gender gap in nursing is readily apparent, nursing is a rewarding career, whether you’re a man or a woman. Here are just five reasons why men who enjoy caring for others should give a nursing career serious thought.

How to Fit in a Workout After a Long Nursing Shift

A study conducted by the University of Maryland’s School of Nursing found that 55 percent of the female nurses they surveyed were overweight or obese. Many participants cited similar reasons for weight fluctuations, including job stress and disrupted sleep and eating schedules, unhealthy snacking and inability to schedule regular exercise due to working 12-hour shifts. Although you may feel like you’re too tired to fit in a workout after a long nursing shift, even limited amounts of intense exercise can increase your energy level at work and improve your focus and your mood.

Depressed Nurses Likely to Make Medical Errors, Study Says

Nurses often work in high-stress environments, which may include life and death situations. According to Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation, this can make nurses twice as likely to experience depression compared to people in other professions. Depression impacts a nurse’s well-being, but a new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine also found a significant link between depression and increased nursing medical errors. Nearly half of the nurses surveyed reported having medical errors in the previous five years and about a third of the nurses in the study said they had some degree of depression. To help minimize medical errors in nursing, it’s vital you understand the signs of depression and find techniques to help combat it.

Growing Opportunities for Nurses in Home Health

Home health nursing is one of the fastest growing areas in the healthcare industry, but this increased demand faces ongoing shortages in trained professionals, including qualified nurses. Many patients prefer receiving quality care in their own homes because it’s a familiar domain that’s more comfortable and less likely to lead to any outside infections. From private duty shift work to intermittent home healthcare, providing care in patients’ homes is the place to be, but not everyone knows this is a growing industry or why.

Top 5 Travel Nursing Locations for RNs Who Enjoy Hiking

After being stuck indoors for hours on end, outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike discover some of the best trails in a wide variety of travel nursing locations. Enjoy breathtaking views in locales around America on easy walking trails for beginners or strenuous trails for expert climbers. Many of the stellar hiking spots are within or near some of the best cities for travel nurses, which offer the best of both worlds — fantastic job opportunities and exciting outdoor adventures. If one of your favorite leisure activities is hiking up the side of a mountain or along a meandering stream, consider one of these five travel nursing locations full of amazing hiking destinations.

7 Free Online Organizing Tools to Keep You Sane

Nurses lead busy lives at work, and often at home, and have a lot of demands on their time. Simplify your life with online organizing tools that keep you on top of your game by keeping things organized. The ability to quickly locate information, schedules, to-do lists and reminders is one of the biggest time-savers for nurses who rely on effective time management to juggle tight schedules and a heavy workload. Free online organizing tools sometimes require a paid subscription to unlock all the features, but some are completely free of charge. Here are seven online organizing tools that could help keep you sane by making your tasks easier to track and manage.

4 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Learning new skills and updating previous ones is crucial in the medical field, but did you know that it can also improve your mental well-being? Pursuing formal and informal education helps boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, improves your sense of purpose, enhances professional and personal satisfaction and connects you with others. When you combine the many perks of learning, it’s no wonder it’s touted as a great way to improve mental health for nurses and frequently came up among healthcare professionals discussing four ways to keep your mind sharp and improve nurse mental health.

Nurse Resume: 5 Things Hiring Managers Always Look For

Although job opportunities for nurses are expected to rise with faster-than-average employment growth, the number of new nurses entering the field has increased. The result is heightened competition for the best nursing jobs, so it’s vital you and your nurse resume stand out from the rest. A nursing resume with vague details and poorly highlighted skills and experience, coupled with an uninspiring cover letter, won’t get you noticed by hiring managers. Make sure your nurse resume grabs their attention by including these five things hiring managers always want to see.

Top 5 Ethical Issues in Nursing in 2019

When choices need to be made concerning ethical issues, but the “best” course of action isn’t clear and the treatment options aren’t ideal, nurses are often faced with an ethical dilemma. In today’s healthcare environment, ethical issues in nursing are becoming increasingly complex. The American Nurses Association developed the Code of Ethics for Nurses to establish the ethical standard for nurses and the ethical obligations and duties of everyone in the nursing profession. Applying the nursing code of ethics in difficult patient-care situations guides you through common ethical issues nurses face every day.

Nurse Job Satisfaction: New Study Says Nurses Feel Disrespected

If diminished nurse job satisfaction and feelings of disrespect have you thinking you should have chosen a different career path, you’re not alone. Medscape’s annual survey on nurse career satisfaction reported the opinions of 10,523 nurses on numerous topics, including the best and worst aspects of the profession. While it’s not surprising that helping people and making a difference in people’s lives topped the chart as the best aspect of nursing for many nurses, the percentage of nurses feeling disrespected may come as a shock.

5 Handy Nurse Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Looking for helpful nurse gadgets to make your job easier? Technology plays an important role in healthcare by providing much needed improvements in medical equipment that aid in patient monitoring, diagnosis and treatment. Nurses also benefit from technological advances like electronic health records, which electronically gather and store patient records, allowing for quick access throughout the facility. Many nurses embrace technology to help make their jobs easier and provide better patient care. If you’re looking for the latest nurse gadgets to streamline your daily tasks, check out these five tech tools you’ll want to buy.
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Releasing Emotions After Tough Nursing Shifts | NurseChoice

Probably from the day you started, you knew nursing wasn't an easy profession and there were going to be days when your emotions would get the best of you. Whatever emotions you're feeling, for whatever reason, keeping it bottled up inside isn't good for your mental health and well-being. Everyone handles feelings differently, but one of these four ways to release emotions after tough nursing shifts might work for you.

WHO Helping Nurses Get Noticed | What the World Health Organization Is Doing to Address Nursing Shortages

The World Health Organization (WHO) has had its hands full combating the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's still doing everything possible to raise awareness about the importance of nurses and midwives in the global healthcare system. Nurses, along with the entire medical community, have been on the front lines throughout the grueling battle against the novel coronavirus. As medical personnel fall victim to the virus, it further emphasizes nursing shortages that are estimated to only get worse. Getting the world's attention about the need for more skilled nurses is just one of the many things the WHO is doing for nurses.

Patient Education: How to Best Educate Your Patients

Patient education is one of the most important roles nurses have in their daily activities. Patient education in nursing allows patients to better understand their condition and take a more proactive role in managing their healthcare independently. Before you can properly educate your patients, you must understand your patient's educational limitations and readiness to learn to ensure you’re providing the best patient education and counseling possible.

Onward Healthcare / Travel Nursing Articles & Resources

How Nursing Differs In Other Countries

The United States has the largest professional nurse workforce in the world, yet there continues to be more positions open than nurses available. Recruiting foreign nurses is one of the many strategies used to address the nursing shortage throughout the country. However, the education, regulation and licensure of nurses in other countries is very diverse with considerable differences in scope and complexity. Explore nursing differences from around the globe to learn how nursing programs in other countries compare to North America's.

5 Communication Techniques To Connect With Patients Quickly

Establishing a good rapport with your patients through eye contact and using their names during conversations helps you connect with them quickly. Explain things clearly and concisely, especially when attempting to educate patients on complex medical conditions, and be patient while answering any questions they have. Encourage patients to go into detail about their health concerns and truly listen to them without interrupting or attempting to prod them along. These are just some of the many communication techniques that help you connect with your patients. Some of the top experts in the medical field offer five more communication techniques to work into your repertoire.

5 Tips For Soothing Aching Muscles After A Busy Shift

Aching muscles are extremely common after busy nursing shifts, especially long 12-hour shifts that keep you on your feet. Anthony Kouri, MD and orthopedic surgeon at the University of Toledo Medical Center, spends all day on his feet and treats people for various muscle aches several times a day. He believes one of the best ways to soothe aching muscles is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

New Orleans Travel Assignments: Experience The Best Of Creole Culture

Deciding where your next travel health assignment should take you hinges on many practical considerations, such as cost of living, crime rates and ease of transportation. However, some cities, like New Orleans, just call to you. While there are many sensible reasons to consider the Big Easy for your next assignment, New Orleans has a quirky personality all its own that you should really embrace at least once. Travel health jobs in New Orleans also provide an excellent way for you to experience the amazing Creole culture and everything it entails.

Opiate Addiction: The Silent Epidemic Among Nurses

Many nursing professionals may believe they're immune from addiction, but they're in just as much danger of becoming affected by opioid dependence as the patients they treat. While popular shows like Nurse Jackie might unintentionally glorify drug addiction in nursing, opioid addiction is a silent epidemic among nurses that must be seriously addressed. Nurses with a substance use disorder have impaired judgement and slower reaction times that could comprise their performance and endanger patients' lives. It's vital to learn the signs of addiction and the many non-disciplinary programs available to help nurses struggling with addiction.

5 Fun Ways To Memorialize Past Travel Assignments

Travel nursing will take you all over the country to unique destinations and experiences you're going to want to remember for years to come. Memorializing your past nurse travel assignments also gives you something to share with friends and family when you're back home. Creating tangible memories of the places you've been can be as easy as snapping photos for your social media page, or you can get creative with locale-specific collections. If you want to have something tangible to look back on, consider these five fun ways to memorialize your travel assignments.

The Advantages Of Travel Trailers For Nursing On The Road

You're probably already familiar with agency-provided housing, but maybe you haven't explored all your housing options. Travel nurse housing typically includes private housing free of charge, but you can also choose to take a housing stipend and choose your own accommodations. One type of accommodation that's been growing in popularity is travel trailers. Travel nursing in a travel trailer can be one of the most comfortable ways to travel from one assignment to another, and it hides a surprising number of perks.

7 Nursing Blogs You Should Follow

Nursing blogs, like other industry blogs, can be a great source of news, events and advancements in the field, but not all blogs are created equally. With the rise in the popularity of blogging, it's become especially difficult to recognize a good nursing blog that keeps you entertained and informed and one that's all fluff with no real substance. Separate fact from fiction by checking the nurse blogger's credentials, including their professional nurse LinkedIn profile, to ensure you're following a reputable blog. Like popular YouTube nurses, there are numerous nursing blogs you could follow, but here are seven bloggers you need to read.

Nurse Health: Why Hydration Matters And How To Maintain It

Your body depends on hydration to survive because all your organs, cells and tissue need water to perform properly. Water makes up more than half of your body weight and you lose water all the time, especially while sweating when you're active. Nursing shifts typically keep you very active, and the more active you are, the faster you lose water. If you don't replace this water, you can become dehydrated. Staying hydrated is critical to your health and well-being, but it can be difficult to maintain hydration during hectic 12-hour shifts or night shifts when you're more likely to be understaffed.

Arizona Is A Nurse Licensure Compact State And Other Reasons To Apply For Jobs There

Known for its warm climate and beautiful landscapes, Arizona is a favorite of vacationers, but it's also a great place to work and live. June 21 was National Arizona Day, so why not get to know the Grand Canyon state better and see what makes this nurse licensure compact locale a great place for travel nursing? Travel nursing is ideal for building your resume while finding adventure, and that's one of the many things you'll find when you apply for a job in this vibrant state.

State Spotlight: Are North And South Dakota Your Next Travel Nursing Stomping Grounds?

Travel nurses can pick assignments in any of the 50 states, but some states offer more perks than others. From professional opportunities and cost of living advantages to sightseeing interests and adventures you won't soon forget, you'll discover numerous reasons to explore travel nursing. In nurse licensure compact states like North Dakota and South Dakota, you don't even need to apply for further licensure before you can begin working. This is just one of the many perks of working in the Dakotas, but there are other reasons why you might want to make them your new stomping grounds.

Popular Netflix Binges That May Give Patients The Wrong Idea About Nursing

Television series based on the medical world have been around for a long time. From long-running favorites like M.A.S.H. to quirky comedies like Scrubs, some shows offer patients insight into the world of nursing, while others provide a less-than-impressive portrayal of what nurses really do. For a more reality-based look at nursing, you might turn to YouTube videos by nurses. Here you'll find millions of videos and thousands of nursing channels with content creators ranging from experienced nurse educators to nursing students sharing their knowledge and experiences in the nursing field. However, these videos are often more geared towards professionals not patients. As a patient, if you're looking for something binge-worthy, consider these popular shows available on Netflix, but keep in mind that they may or may not give you the right idea about nursing.

What Is An Informatics Nurse, And Do You Want To Be One?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.9 million nurses in 2016 and this number was expected to grow by 15 percent by 2026. This makes nursing one of the most popular careers in the United States, which is due in part to the fact that nurses can specialize in so many areas. As technology changes, so does the nursing role and the fields of expertise available to nurses. One major field was opened by federal mandates that require healthcare providers to transition to electronic health and medical records. This is where an informatics nurse steps in, and it can be a very lucrative step in your nursing career.

Are You Satisfied With Your Nursing Career? Signs It Might Be Time For A Change

If you're doubting whether you're still satisfied in your nursing career, it might be a sign that it's time for a change. Career satisfaction is extremely important in the healthcare field and greatly impacts patient outcomes. When nurses find their work unsatisfying, they suffer and so do their patients, colleagues and family. As you reflect on your goals and career satisfaction, ask yourself if you're truly ready for a nursing career change and keep in mind there are many opportunities outside the traditional nursing roles.

Best Midwest States For Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs can take you anywhere in the country, and while many travel nurses choose popular, big-city destinations, smaller Midwestern states have their own unique appeal. Smaller cities in these states often offer more opportunities, especially compared to larger coastal cities where you face more competition for coveted jobs. Larger cities are also prone to traffic congestion and higher crime rates that make them less appealing, despite the lovely environments. Travel nursing jobs in smaller locales can also provide you with a better sense of accomplishment because you can more easily see the impact you're having on the community. This is especially true in rural communities that find it difficult to attract skilled healthcare professionals.

Nursing Equality: The Growing Trend Of Male Nurses

The nursing profession represents the largest segment of healthcare workers in the nation. Nurses play a vital role in patient care, but the number of experienced nurses is dwindling as older nurses hit retirement age. The demand for nurse graduates to take up the slack has helped promote the growing trend of male nurses. While nursing professionals remain predominately female, men in nursing has steadily grown over the last several decades. The idea of male nurses isn't a new concept; it's simply been forgotten, but trends are setting men up for a major comeback.

7 Steps To Take Now To Advance Your Nursing Career Later

Becoming a nurse can be a very rewarding career, but if you plan on moving up the career ladder later, it's critical to take steps early on to ensure you advance later. Education is a vital key in advancing your nursing career and is just as important as practical experience. Always seek opportunities to further your training, build your professional network and take on leadership responsibilities to keep your career moving forward. Focusing on your future career plans now helps ensure you reach your career goals and achieve job satisfaction.

Geriatric Nursing: 5 Must-Have Skills To Master

As the country’s aging population continues to grow, the demand for nurses specially trained in geriatric nursing also continues to rise. Elderly patients make up the largest group of people seeking care at many health care facilities. These patients have unique needs and present unique challenges that require highly attentive care from skilled geriatric nurses. Provide your geriatric patients with optimal care by mastering these must-have skills.

Top 5 Nursing Values And How To Apply Them

What are the top five nursing values and why are they so important? Nursing is a caring, compassionate profession. Nurses do not just perform tasks or provide services, they develop an empathy for the needs of others and a connection with their patients. Applying nurse core values in all your actions ensures the trust put in your hands by your patients and fellow medical staff is well justified. Apply these top five professional nursing values in your everyday practices to retain the trust and confidence of your patients and fellow medical staff members.

Travel Blog

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6 Ways to Network with Other Travel Nurses

Networking for nurses is important on a personal and professional level. Personally, it can help you connect with other nurses who face the same situations you do and understand what you're going through on a day-to-day basis — unlike those who aren't in nursing. Building a professional network is a vital tool in the advancement of your career, but it can also lead to lifelong friendships. Nurse networking may be face to face or take place in the virtual world, but it should always be mutually beneficial.

3 Types of Nurse Licenses Explained

One of the biggest steps travel nurses must take is getting the right nurse license for the state they will be working in. Depending on the state, the process of application to completion can take days to weeks. It's important to know the requirements of each state's RN licensing board to understand all the legalities of working there. Working with a recruiter will help illuminate the process as well as lift the burden solely off you. Read on to learn more about the nurse licensing process and the options available to you.

7 Apps to Help Your Nursing Career

A good memory is essential in a nursing career, but with the numerous nursing apps available, nurses also have valuable health care knowledge right at their fingertips. You’ll find apps for every nursing specialty that help you jump-start your nursing career. From quickly accessing medical information to expediting communication among colleagues, consider one of these seven apps to give your career in nursing a boost. | News

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